Mike & Audrey's Egypt 2002 Odyssey

Mike, Audrey June, and Richard

In February of 2002 Audrey and I went on a tour of Egypt with her brother Richard Denny. Richard has been keenly interested in Egypt for some time and he came upon what looked to be an excellent tour. He has been trying to coax us into touring Egypt with him for a few years and since his 50th birthday was going to happen during the trip we decided to go along and help him celebrate.

I've created a slide show of some photos from the tour. Most are from Audrey's digital camera with a few of my 35mm shots thrown in. If I get any donations from Richard or other tour participants I may insert them also.

For best viewing, I suggest you maximize the display area by maximizing your browser window and minimizing any toolbars, etc. All images will display at with the same height. Depending on your browser, the image size should automatically initialize near the maximum possible size for the frame without a scroll bar being created. The bottom row of controls will allow you to adjust the image size if necessary.

You may pause the slide show, move backward or forward through the images, and then resume where you left off. If you stop the slide show, it will restart at the beginning. If you like you can manually progress through the images by clicking the forward arrow. Once the forward arrow is selected, you can use the space bar to proceed to the following images. There are some Web links in the text frames of the slide show. All links will open in a new browser window so that you may retain to your current position in the slide show.

If you just want to sit back, drink your beer, and look at the pictures, I suggest you size the image large enough to fill the browser window, and then grab the bottom of the image frame with your mouse and pull it down the bottom of the window (after you start the show).

I've also got a page of thumbnails which will allow you to examine any of the images in the slide show at random.

Click here for the thumbnail page.

Send any comments, corrections, suggestions, broken links, donations, etc. to me (Mike) at mhlambert@yahoo.com - Thanks!