Backyard Critters

A few shots of some local critters from the neighborhood. Click on any image for a better look. Use your browser’s back button to return here

redsquirrel.jpg This little Red Squirrel moved in over the summer (2011). She’s very active and can be frequently seen trying to drive the larger squirrels away.
bunny.jpg We have some rabbits which I believe live under the Spruce trees in our front yard. They can occassionally be seen foraging in the back yard as this one was.
possum.jpg Here’s a big possum I spotted late one night at Christmas time poking around by the back door.
groundhog.jpg We’d had bad experiences with Groundhogs in the past and were alarmed when this Groundhog appeared in the area. He was checking out the accomodations under our neighbors deck but fortunately appears to have moved on.
toad.jpg Occasionally we see toads in the yard. Spotted this one crossing the patio one day.
dove.jpg This dove was visiting my feeders for a few days in the summer of 2001. Not sure exactly what type of dove it is. It looks like a Ringed Turtle Dove but they should be in Florida. If you look close you can see it has been banded.
hawk.jpg This Sharp-shinned hawk also visits my back yard for an occasional meal. Of course, he has a different interpretation on the meaning of "bird feeders".
pot_toad.jpg Another toad. This guy was living in an old pot from Audrey's Grandma's farm in the front yard. We'd check on him every day or so. Some times he'd be nearly completely buried. Caught him heading out one day.
racer.jpg We saw this good sized Blue Racer while hiking at the Indian Hills Metropark.
salamander.jpg We usually try to hit the emergence of the frogs in spring at Johnathan Woods. If you hit the right day there can be frogs everywhere. We found this Red-backed Salamander on one of our trips.
rattler.jpg This Massasauga Rattler surprised me at Indian Hills when I nearly stepped on him while attempting to get a photo of a dragonfly. While taking his picture he "rattled" at me and took off.
snapper.jpg King of the pond! This big snapper lives at a small park near us called Holland Ponds. I've had a picture posted here but have been looking for a better shot. Got it this year. (Spring 2006)
ywnest.jpg This is a Yellow Warbler's nest we came across while birding at Metro Beach Metropark.
racoons.jpg One night Audrey & I were watching TV in the gazebo and we heard some commotion in the grape vines. The noised turned out to be a couple of racoons who had moved to a tree by the time I was able to get the camera.
mouse.jpg This little guy was trapped when he made his way into my squirrel feeder box and couldn't get out.
squirrel.jpg Plenty of Fox Squirrels around. They come begging at the back door.
woodham/justin.jpg While doing some yard work one day I came across this little Woodham in the yard.